Re Elect Tina Lambert for Idaho State Representative, District 23

Tina Lambert (R)
Tina Lambert
Tina Lambert (R)
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Representative Tina Lambert
Idaho District 23 - Ada, Canyon and Owyhee Counties

It is a privilege to serve District 23 in the Idaho House of Representatives. I accomplished a lot in the last session, including strengthening election integrity, protecting the 2nd Amendment and pushing back against the state's bloated budget. There is much work left to do to preserve liberty, reduce taxes, improve education and guarantee election integrity. That is why I'm announcing that I'm running for re-election in May of 2024.


  • Tina is against mandates on Idahoans
  • Tina knows that Idahoans want to be free to live without government interference.
  • Tina is standing against policies that restrict Idahoans' freedom and/or invade privacy.
  • Tina is working to protect the individual rights of Idahoans.
  • Tina understands that Idahoans want to decide for themselves whether to get the covid shot. Businesses, government officials and bureaucrats do not have the right to mandate medical treatment.


  • Tina is working to end programs that are inefficient or no longer useful. Many programs can be better operated by the private sector.
  • Big businesses need to pay their share.


  • Tina believes that life begins at conception, and regardless of the circumstances of that conception, life is precious and must be preserved.
  • Tina has spent many hours volunteering at a pregnancy resource center and she and her husband adopted three children.


  • As both a homeschool mom and former school board director, Tina recognizes that parental involvement is the biggest factor in students’ success.
  • Tina is an advocate for school choice and letting the money follow the student.
  • As a school board director in Washington state Tina led the successful effort to change the district’s sexual education policy from one that would teach comprehensive sex ed to a basic explanation of reproduction. Until the state legislature got involved and mandated CSE, Battle Ground, Washington students were safe from dangerous curriculum.
  • Tina is fighting to keep CRT, DEI, SEL,CSJ, and CSE out of schools.
  • Tina believes schools should teach students to read, write and do math proficiently. Schools must prepare students for success beyond high school, whether that is in college, military, or the workplace.


  • Tina believes that government must operate within the confines of the United States Constitution and the Idaho Constitution. That is where we find freedom.

Tina for Idaho !